We encourage you to choose the CSM27001 scheme because we envision to:

<br />Independently security certified organisations offer increased assurance in their management and security of sensitive information.  Integration of multiple organisations in a well-managed Malaysian information infrastructure will provide greater assurance in the protection of this infrastructure.<br /><br /> <br />MS ISO/IEC 27001 provides a benchmark for comparing and contrasting information security management systems (ISMS) implemented by organisations.  Malaysian organisations can leverage the ISMS benchmark to compete effectively against similar organisations on a global scale.<br /><br /> <br />Through its participation in a global certification scheme, Malaysian organisations achieving security certification will receive immediate international recognition.<br /><br /> <br />Recognition of the importance to consistently protect information throughout all organisations ultimately enhances Malaysian reputation.<br /><br />

By being MS ISO/IEC 27001 certified, you provide your customers and trading partners improved trust and confidence in your ability to do business with them.

Certification also provides a means of minimising risk from accidental or deliberate damage to information.

To learn more about the CSM27001 Scheme benefits, please read the Scheme Policy.

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